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Full text of "July 2016 emails between Hollywood Property Owners Alliance and CD13"

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City of Los Angeles Mail - Re: Two resolutions 

Daniel Halden <> 

Re: Two resolutions 

Jeanne Min <> 

To: Kerry Morrison <> 
Cc: Yolanda Brown 

Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 7:06 PM 

Hi Kerry- 

Great idea. Happy to produce and present. Thank you for providing the language. We will edit accordingly. 

Yolanda- we spoke about individual certificates for the Boardmembers. To do this I will need their names. Please let me 

Can't wait to celebrate with you after everyone is moved in! 



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On Jun 7, 2016, at 6:45 PM, Kerry Morrison <> wrote: 

Hi Jeanne, it was terrific to see you last week at the tour of The Center. 

As you know, I had reached out to see if the Councilmember could secure a resolution commending 
Stormy for his superlative superhuman efforts serving as our volunteer Construction Manager for the 
Center. As I started to craft the resolution, it started to morph into a history lesson of the Center and we 
thought it might be good to bifurcate this. 

So, I am sending along - with the hopes that this is not too much to ask - two resolutions. The one for 
the Center describes the history of the convent going back to 1925, and it will be featured prominently in 
the reception area for time immemorial. The one for Stormy will be a little shorter, because it pertains to 
his role. It will be a big surprise for him. We would like you to be the one to present these on July 13. 

So.. is it too much to ask to get two resolutions - and can they be signed by the entire city council? Or if 
that is asking too much, perhaps the board one signed by the city council, and the Stormy one signed by 

Also, if they are too long, I can condense. I love writing resolutions (I truly do) © 

Thanks for your help on this Jeanne. 

Kerry 1/2 


City of Los Angeles Mail - Re: Two resolutions 


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<Whereas - Board resolution. docx> 

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